"To have the best you must associate yourself with the best. Before plunging in, find out who have earned the market’s respect for their judgments, what their modus operandi are, and limit your outlays until you better understand the game"...

Our Value

We’re shaping a better world. For our clients we develop forward-thinking, sustainable solutions. Outside of work we support causes that inspire us. Our corporate responsibility mission is to:

• Invest in our employees
• Serve our clients with integrity
• Create long-term value for our shareholders
• Minimize our impact on the environment
• Give back to our communities and society

We're committed to this mission because it makes THC a more desirable employer, consultant, and neighbor; increases shareholder value; and protects the planet for future generations.

Company Profile

Founded in 1985, THC Group provides a diversified range of individual companies with value-added professional technical and consulting services. Each Company operates independently and specializes in its field of expertise. THC benefits...

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Great Leader

A great leader possesses courage, self-knowledge, and the ability to move himself and its people through the difficulty of change to the rewards of success...

THC Expertise

Thala’tha Holding Co. Ltd. is a global, diversified firm that combines the entrepreneurship and dynamism of a new company with a solid reputation in the consulting industry derived from more than 30 years of performance.